Your diet is directly related to many health ailments, from obesity to heart disease. Since nutrition can be difficult to understand, you should get guidance from leading internist Arthur Pinkhasov, MD. Dr. Pinkhasov has extensive education and training in helping patients lose weight and learn about their nutritional requirements. Schedule your weight loss and nutrition evaluation at Genuine Care Physician, PC in Forest Hills, New York, by calling the clinic at (516) 262-3612, or by using the online scheduler.

Why is it important to lose weight?

Weight loss is about more than looking good, it’s about feeling your best and preventing chronic diseases. If you are overweight, dropping just 5-10% of your excess body weight can improve your health.

Even such a moderate weight loss can improve your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and decrease your risk of developing heart disease and other chronic conditions. Plus, thanks to healthier eating and exercise habits, you will continue losing weight and it will become easier to keep it off.

How can I lose weight?

Generally, the first step to losing weight is getting your doctor involved — you shouldn’t feel like you have to do it alone. Because Dr. Pinkhasov has extensive training and expertise in nutrition, he can help you develop custom nutrition and dietary plans for optimal weight loss and weight management.

If you’re struggling to lose weight or keep it off, it could be a sign of a nutritional deficiency or imbalance. For this reason, Dr. Pinkhasov also offers nutritional muscle testing — sometimes called “applied kinesiology.” This diagnostic testing involves evaluating your muscle strength and nervous system. It’s based on the theory that specific muscle weaknesses can be a red flag that something is awry in your body.

Muscle testing can tell Dr. Pinkhasov if you have blood flow issues, chemical imbalances, gland problems, or nutritional deficiencies — any of these factors can affect your weight. Because it’s performed right in the office, Dr. Pinkhasov gets your results right away, so he can get you started on a custom nutrition dietary plan.

Can I lose weight quickly?

You can, but dropping weight quickly puts a strain on your organs, so it isn’t recommended. It’s generally best to lose weight slowly by eating right. This allows your body to adjust to the gradual decrease in body weight, which means you’re more likely to keep it off for good.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests losing 1-2 pounds per week. Initially, though, you might lose a little more if you follow Dr. Pinkhasov’s nutritional eating plan and get more exercise. Dr. Pinkhasov supports you every step of the way and adjusts your nutrition and food intake as needed throughout your journey.

If you need to lose weight or learn how nutrition is affecting your overall health, schedule an evaluation at Genuine Care Physician, PC. Book by calling the clinic, or by using the online scheduling feature.