1. Please bring the following items with you:
• An unexpired government-issued photo ID—ideally a passport, country or state ID, or US Driver License (refugees, bring travel document or I-94 card)
• Vaccination records (if you have any)

2. Please do not urinate for 1 hour before your visit, as a urine sample will be required for all applicants aged 15 and older
3. You may eat and drink prior to your examination, but please do not bring food into the office
4. You DO NOT need to bring or fill out your own I-693 form, we will be completing the form for you
5. Payment by cash or credit card only (all major credit cards accepted)

Services & Pricing

Ages 15 and older: $300
• Fee includes medical interview, the newly required blood test for tuberculosis (TB), blood testing for syphilis, urine testing for gonorrhea, a chest x-ray if needed, and expedited completion of medical forms within 2 business days.
• Vaccination records required if under 18 years old.
• If 18 or older, vaccination records are useful but not required. Any vaccinations administered by our office are at additional cost.

1 to 14 years old: $200
• Fee includes medical interview, review of medical history and vaccination records, and completion of medical forms.
• Please note that we do not perform blood testing for patients under 17, so children aged 2-17 will need to go to their regular pediatrician to have the new TB blood test performed.
• Vaccination records required. Any vaccinations administered by our office are at additional cost.

Important Note
The USCIS recently announced that all patients 2 years of age and older will be required to have a blood test for tuberculosis (TB). Skin testing will no longer be accepted. We perform this new blood test (called Quantiferon) in our office, and the cost is included in the price of the adult examination.

The Quantiferon TB test takes 24 hours to perform, so you will be required to return after 5 business days to pick up your papers. If the blood test is abnormal, you will need a chest x-ray before receiving your papers. We will perform the chest x-ray in our office at no additional charge when you return to pick up your papers.