Are you concerned that your diet is lacking all of the nutrients you need, or are you looking for alternative treatments to work towards a healthier life? Dr. Arthur Pinkhasov at Genuine Care Physician PC combines traditional medicine with alternative treatments at his medical practice in Forest Hills, New York, and he offers herbal and vitamin supplementation therapy. If you’re seeking a healthcare professional who understands the value of alternative treatments for health and wellness, call today at (516) 262-3612 or book an appointment online for a consultation.

What is herbal supplementation?

Herbal supplementation is a form of alternative medicine that uses part of a plant for therapeutic purposes. Herbal supplements come in many forms, including:

  • Tablet and capsule
  • Tea
  • Extract
  • Fresh or dry plant

People have turned to herbal medicine to treat illnesses for thousands of years. Dr. Pinkhasov uses herbal supplementation to complement his medical treatment in promoting wellness.

Due to the potential for herbal supplements to interact with prescription or over-the-counter medication, you should never take a supplement without first consulting Dr. Pinkhasov. As a physician with extensive knowledge of both traditional and alternative medicine, Dr. Pinkhasov knows how to use these supplements safely and effectively so you get the best results.

How are herbal supplements used to promote health?

Each herbal supplement contains specific medicinal properties to promote health. Dr. Pinkhasov prescribes supplements based on your symptoms and diagnosis.

Some common herbal supplements include:

  • Black cohosh: To treat menopausal symptoms
  • Garlic: To lower cholesterol and improve heart health
  • Ginseng: To improve energy and help fight stress
  • Echinacea: To improve immune health during cold and flu season
  • Saw palmetto: To treat an enlarged prostate

How do I know if I am getting all my vitamins?

If you have concerns about the nutritional adequacy of your diet, Dr. Pinkhasov may be able to determine vitamin deficiencies through a:

  • Blood test: To measure vitamin levels or other nutrient markers
  • Physical exam: To assess eyes, skin, hair, and nails for health and indications for deficiencies
  • Diet history: To determine the adequacy of your food choices

Dr. Pinkhasov may use one or all of these tests to help him assess vitamin status and make appropriate recommendations for supplementation.

What types of vitamin supplements should I take?

Dr. Pinkhasov recommends vitamin supplementation based on your individual needs and health status. This may include supplementation with a single nutrient or a multivitamin to ensure you get all the nutrients you need.

He also provides dosage recommendations. While it’s acceptable to take a multivitamin supplement that provides 100% of your nutrient needs, getting high doses of certain nutrients may not be good for your health.

If you’d like to learn more about the alternative treatments available at Genuine Care Physician PC, call the office or book an appointment online.