Diagnostic testing involves going through minimally invasive testing to determine if something is off with one of your body’s systems. As a board-certified internal medicine physician, Arthur Pinkhasov, MD, of Genuine Care Physician, PC specializes in offering the most advanced diagnostic tests and procedures. You can book an appointment at his Forest Hills, New York, practice either by calling the clinic at (516) 262-3612
or by using the online scheduler.

What is diagnostic testing?

When you see your doctor about something abnormal with your body, your physician will go over all your symptoms — what brings them on, what makes them worse, or what makes them better — but you won’t know what’s wrong until you visit Dr. Pinkhasov’s lab for diagnostic testing.

Depending on your specific symptoms and overall health, your diagnostic tests may run the gamut, from imaging, such as an ultrasound or CT scan, to testing blood or other bodily fluids. In most cases, you need a combination of several tests to get a thorough diagnosis of what’s going on in your body.

Which type of diagnostic testing do I need?

The type of diagnostic test you need depends on your symptoms and any underlying health conditions. Dr. Pinkhasov offers complementary cardiovascular testing if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other risk factors that increase your chances of developing heart disease.

If you’re having an abdominal issue, such as cramping or severe constipation, Dr. Pinkhasov could order diagnostic ultrasound testing to get a clear picture of what’s going on inside. He also specializes in testing your autonomic nervous system, which regulates your blood pressure and blood flow, among other things.

How do I prepare for diagnostic testing?

It depends on what you’re having done. Dr. Pinkhasov and his team thoroughly cover what you need to do for your specific diagnostic test. In many cases, you need to stop taking certain medications or supplements before your test, or avoid having anything by mouth for several hours beforehand.

For certain types of ultrasound testing or other types of imaging, you might need to avoid eating or drinking anything after midnight the evening before your exam. If you’re having imaging, an electrocardiogram, or another type of exam that requires you to remove clothing, it might be better for you to wear something that’s comfortable and easy to remove, though preparation for diagnostic testing is for the most part minimal.

If you need a medical exam or diagnostic testing, schedule an appointment at Genuine Care Physician, PC by calling the office, or by booking a visit online.